Vendor Rules and Regulations for 2019

Goal of the Westminster Farmers’ Market
The goal of this Farmers’ Market is to support producers within our locale.  We encourage locally grown 
and/or produced products. Seedlings and potted plants are acceptable, as are crafts that serve a functional purpose. 

Market Hours of Operation and Setup 
The hours of operation will be from 3:00 to 6:00PM on Fridays and will run from the first Friday in May to the last Friday of October, with the potential for winter markets. Vendors will be assigned spaces, and are encouraged to arrive ½ hour before opening time to set up.  No selling, selection, or bagging (in other words, nothing leaves your stand) before 3:00pm, except by general consent among all vendors that they are ready. Please enforce this yourself by explaining to your customers that it’s unfair for you to sell to them before other vendors are set up. 

​See complete 2019 Rules and Regulations and applications below. Deadline for applications April 3, 2019.

Westminster Farmers' Market

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