Vendors at the 2017 Farmers Market

  • Westminster’s own:  Brookside Family Farm:Sustainable 28 acre farm with 6 acres in product for produce.  We maintain 6 apiaries for our own honey, EBT setup and HIP for fruits and vegetables.  We will be selling produce, meats, eggs, and honey.

  • Charlie’s Red House Farm:  Our soil is the heart of our farm.  Healthy soils produce strong, great tasking vegetables, and healthy vegetables produce healthy people.  Added to that we hand pick, wash, and sort everything grown so you get the best quality, truly local organic produce available.

  • Westminster’s own:  Bittersweet Homestead: Fresh squeezed lemonade, kettle corn, maple vanilla walnuts, krispy peanut butter balls, smores on a stick and more.

  • Crum’s Pies & Cookies: Crum’s will be selling pies, cookies, pastries made the old fashioned way.  All natural ingredients, no dyes or preservatives.

  • David Morrison:  Knife and tool sharpening.

  • Five Loaves Bakery: Artisan bakery and café in business for 14 years.  This is our 15th season participating in farmers’ markets across Massachusetts.  Artisan breads, pastry, and salad dressing.

  • Greenwood Hill Farm:Greenwood Hill Farm is a merino sheep operation located in Hubbardston.  Our products are lamb meet, merino wool yarns in natural colors, wool dryer balls, and cat toys and blankets.  In addition, we have homemade jams, jellies and herbs.

  • Harvest Kitchen:  Harvest Kitchen sells delicious, all natural snacks and spices with a range of varieties and flavors to fit every taste—cashews, peanuts, almonds, spices.

  • Westminster’s own:  Hogan and Sons: Hogan Farm raises cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, honey, apples.  Also hay. We will be selling beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, honey and apples.

  • Westminster’s own:  Johnson & Sons Poultry Farm:  Johnson’s is a third and fourth generation poultry farm in Westminster selling free range chicken, duck and turkey eggs.  Barn raised poultry, potatoes, carrots, soup chickens.

  • Westminster’s own:  Maple Heights Fram:  Maple Heights Farm selling grass fed beef, pasture pork, free range chicken, and free range eggs.

  • Westminster’s own:  ML’s Greenery in Motion:  Specializing in fine garden design, emphasizing healthy soils, plant palette diversity, and integrating edibles.  Greenery in Motion offers seedlings for gardens of a wide variety of vegetables, many heirloom.  Nigerian Dwarf goats from strong milking lines.

  • Lynch’s Natural Bakery aka Doggy Cuisine:  Homemade dog cookies, muffin and brownie treats.  Also selling scones, cookies, cupcakes, pies, pretzels, dinner rolls, and more.

  • Mike’s Birdhouses:  Bird houses, Bat houses, Plant boxes, Display boxes

  • Plain View Farm Alpacas:  Plain View sells yarns, socks, and fiber from alpaca fleece from their herd in Hubbardston.

  • Westminster’s own:  Quilts and More: Quilts and More will be selling crafts, spice mixes, fudge, pickles and relishes.

  • Rachel’s Everlasting: Rachel’s farm grows naturally grown produce and flowers using no chemicals or pesticides.  We also grow many ingredients in our salsas, pestos and smoothies.

  • Repurposed Patchwork: Repurposed Patchwork makes denim patchwork pillows, aprons, purses, and organizers from old jeans and shirts.  I also sell small patchwork quilts.

  • Westminster’s own:  Rouleau Family Micro-Farm:  We are a family that does small scale diversified market gardening on less than one acre of land in Westminster.  We are committed to growing nutrient-dense produce, growing and building resilience in our local food economy.

  • Westminster’s own:  Sargent’s Kitchen:Sargent’s Kitchen makes salsa kits from fresh herbs with directions onhow to make with vegetables from the market.  I also make crackers—whole wheat and gluten free.

  • Westminster’s own:  Shizen: Shizen sell soaps handmade in Westminster using traditional cold and hot process methods with the finest ingredients.  Recently I added hand poured bees wax decorations to my product line.  Great for you or gift-giving pleasure.

  • Skip’s Jelly:   Pepper jellies, Jalepeno, Red Bell Pepper and Garlic, Habanaro and Hot Hot Habanero Jelly

  • Sweet Pumpkins Farm:Sweet Pumpkins Farm is a small homestead with non-certified organic farming practices.  We produce vegetables for crops, manage a herd of pure bred Nubian goats, a flock of sheep, large and small poultry for eggs and bees for pollination.  We include beneficial insect, companion planting as well as biodynamic practices for our homestead. We believe in quality over quantity to provide the best for our customers.  Produce, cheese, honey, chicken, goose and quail eggs.

  • Westminster’s own:  Vic-Jo’s Grab and Go: Family owned, quick food vendor using local ingredients when available.  All foods prepared on site. Some menu items include: sausage, pepper and onion on roll, steak and cheese on roll, grilled sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, strawberry cream bites, fruit kabobs and lemonade.

  • Wildflower Textiles:  Wildflower Textiles offers hand-dyed scarves, onesies, aprons, tea towels, and more.  Designs are based on nature.  Methods include batik, silkscreen, and hand painting. 

Westminster Farmers' Market

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